COVID-19 Experiences From Students

Shaik Arshiya

CME Department

The corona pandemic has made a global? impact in the past 2 months and continues to hit most of the sectors, from which education is one of the most affected ones. The students across the world are losing their valuable time during these imposed ‘lockdown’ days.

By considering all these situations, our “VISHNU EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY” came up with the idea of online classes and started teaching us(students) through video conferencing which is helping us to learn by ourself and even to learn new things and also our lecturers are conducting assignments based on present academic year(2020-2021).

In this situation, the only thing we can do is stay at home and learn from home.


The impact of COVID-19 on Students. The global lockdown of educational institutions because of COVID-19 and it interrupts the student learning, also disruption of the syllabus. So, our Vishnu educational society introduces the online classes through WhatsApp, Google classroom, etc.., Most of the students are not interested to take up the online class, but the faculty of our college shows more attention to students attending the class. Likewise, online classes are an advantage to the students for clarifying their doubts. We will improve our knowledge of the subject.

Let’s take up these pandemic days to achieve good grades with the help of our Respected faculty.

Faculty doing a wonderful duty on these types of situations….!!

P. S S Bhanu Prakash

2nd Year, ECE Department

K. Sai Kiran

3rd Year, AEI Department

This COVID-19 brought a sudden change in the education system and made all the student’s life difficult. To overcome this pandemic situation our faculty made a change from traditional education to online education and this change made students’ life easier. In these pandemic situations, students are habituated to relax at home.

These online exams are the alert call for all the students to study to learn more. Recently when I have attempted the online exam conducted by our faculty I came across some of the questions that I have never a look on it .then, I have realized that there many topics to revise and also our faculty are very cooperative in clarifying all our doubts through online classes and our faculty also doing their best by making a phone call to each and every student and motivating them by giving their valuable suggestion and they are also giving brief to the student’s that how can they easily understand the topic by using the internet. We are very fortunate to have them as our faculty.

Thank you for bringing the concept of conducting online exams and classes.

As of March 28, 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic is causing more than 1.6 billion children and youth to be out of school in 161countries. In these uncertain times of a lockdown I wish you and your family keep safe and well! We at Sri Vishnu family take pride in our wellbeing and purpose as a learner.

The department heads and faculty have undertaken a lot of measures in ensuring a continuous learning environment is made available to students.vishnu institution has devised an online learning strategy using tools like zoom app, email and many other tools to enable us to become digitally connected. The content and assignments have been meticulously designed by our expert faculty with the intention that Vishnu students should not feel, unattended to, during this time of isolation and social distancing.hod’s of Sri Vishnu educational society has personally sent out of many links like the teaching profession to help students engage online in a meaningful way.

I wish you to continue to be safe and happy!

P. Kanaka Nandini

2nd Year, CME Department

G. Harika

2nd Year,  CME Department

As the world is fighting against the COVID-19 outbreak, more than 130 countries have now closed schools nationwide, impacting nearly 80% of students globally.

The world has never seen this many students out of schools and colleges at the same time. We are home quarantined for almost two months, we don’t have anywhere to go. To prevail in this situation, our Vishnu Educational society has started online classes to interact with the students. We all are doing these online classes while staying at home. With no face-to-face instruction, online courses provide a safe and effective alternative to the classroom. we even submit our assignments through online platforms in time.

I hope that this COVID-19 vanishes and we all go back to our normal lives.

The pandemic(COVID-19) has forced all the educational institutions to temporarily shut down and students to remain home. Globally over 1.2 billion students are out of the classroom.

To overcome this situation, our Vishnu Educational society has made all the doors of learning open by conducting online classes to the students. We are taking online tests conducted by our faculty and also our doubts are being clarified by them through online meetings. Our faculty are also taking special interests for the final year students by conducting MOCK tests on ECET bits.

We are feeling blessed to have the faculty who always guide and motivate us. Even in this kind of pandemic situation, they are doing their best in motivating us. Their guidance and motivation means a lot to us

N.S.T.K Chakravarthi

3rd Year, CME Department

Y. Priyusha Madhavi

2nd Year, ECE Department

During the difficult times of COVID- 19 the online classes through different online platforms like zoom, google Classroom is very helpful fully to us.

The faculty putting extra effort to engage students in E-classes by revamping timetables, online discussions, taking remarks from us and monitoring us constantly and also they are using WhatsApp groups to stay connected with every student and they are also conducting tasks and assignments through google classroom

Initially, we felt difficult and lazy to perform the assignments in E-learning platforms, later to create interest for us faculty conducting different quizzes mindmaps and by providing weekly schedules. All these E-learning platforms are helpful to us to improve our subject knowledge.

Not only the academic syllabus they are also encouraging us to participate in computer courses like CISCO.